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Weapons, or relics, is a card type in Gods Unchained. As defined on the Gods Unchained website:

"Relic: When played a Relic equips to the left of your god. It has durability and strength values. When durability hits 0, the Relic is destroyed and goes to the void. When a Relic is played, it can’t attack until the next turn, unless it has text that allows it to attack the turn it’s played such as Godblitz or Blitz. They can be identified by their spiked octagonal frame with relic specific gemstones on the bottom for their strength and Durability." [1]

Note, your god will take damage if it uses a relic to attack a creature with a strength greater than 0. Your god can also take damage when attacking the opposing god if that god has a relic like Vine Armor that deals damage back. Damage to your god will not occur if you god has protected at the time it attacks.

Relics in the Core and Genesis sets include:

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